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Don't Give Up

Hey you. Yes, you. The one with the look of rejection plastered on your face, the artistic deprivation plainly obvious in your vacant eyes. You are at your lowest right now, writing wise. I've been where you are. I've felt your pain. If I could go back to the person I was at my lowest, I would tell her: It's hard, but don't give up. Consciously accept the challenge, don't just let it run you over.

Writing is hard. Rejection is hard. Writing after rejection is really hard. Feeling incompetent, lazy, and depressed is hard to handle. It hurts to sit down and write because sometimes it doesn't come easy. It hurts to not write because all those thoughts and ideas gnaw on your skull until your head aches so much it's unbearable. All those potential characters haunt your every move.

At this point it would be so easy to just give up. I mean, you haven't written in a while anyways and what's the point? You're an awful writer, you will never finish your book, you'll never get published, you can't handle another rejection, you can't handle another part of your soul thrown mindlessly to the dogs.

STOP. Tell this side of you to shut up. The side of you that's always doubting, putting you down, scared, weak. Tell yourself that you are strong, that you're a great writer, that you welcome a challenge because you are courageous, that you will persevere. Whatever challenge you are up against right now, there is nothing you can't overcome if it means following your heart and making your dreams a reality. Don't give up.

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