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Afton Wooters

(founder, publisher)


Stevie introduced me to the joys of reading and writing. Books were an extension of her. In high school, I don't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her face and I'm almost certain I never heard her voice not muffled by pages and pages of prose. 

I thought it strange.


It got so much worse when she started talking to me about it, but little did I know that the worst was yet to come. And that moment came when she so innocently said, "You should read it. You'd like it." Now she wanted me to read. Oh the horror!


She was, to my dismay, incredibly persistent, which is why I did eventually read the book she was so vigorously hounding me about. Then I read the second one in that series, and then all of them. I couldn't get enough. I, of course, gave myself a pat on the back for coming up with such a fantastic idea.


Writing came a little later for me. Although I started a few horribly plotted books growing up, I didn't become serious about it until Stevie and I took a writers workshop in college. It was nothing special as far as writing workshops go, I didn't like the teacher (and she didn't like me) and my peers critiques weren't all that helpful, but the important thing is, I started writing. It opened my heart and mind to the craft. The world of writing was suddenly at the forefront of my mind, my life, and ambitions.


Then, Stevie started the ultimate writing challenge: a novel. And from her description, a romantic, post-apocalyptic, thrill ride of a novel, I became intrigued. So, I started one too, though definitely not as cool. It basically boiled down to the fact that I was jealous. You would think I were the younger sibling!


Besides reading and writing I also enjoy getting outdoors; running, rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, you name it, I like it. I live just north of Seattle with my husband, two kids (Grayson and Charlotte), and two silly dogs.

Stevie Schrecengost

(founder, publisher)


I've always loved reading. I can't remember a time when I didn't have a bookmark carefully placed between the pages of my adventures.

My dad always told us stories-mostly ones riddled with sci-fi or fantasy elements. Once I began reading on my own, I started with stories like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, and very soon it was a full-blown obsession.

I didn't discover my love for writing until much later. My sister and I decided to take a creative writing class (on a whim, really) and our creativity exploded! Just kidding, but we both discovered our budding knack for writing, and have continued to wean that talent within us.

Mostly short stories, I've greatly enjoyed exploring the strangest and weirdest things my mind could conjure. Capturing those thoughts and putting them to paper is a different story, but the more I learned to let my mind wander free, the easier it became for me to write. 

More recently, I've taken on the seemingly impossible task of writing a novel. I've worked on it for a few years, on and off. Sometimes I'll have a long lucky stretch of writing ceaselessly, while, more often than not, I find myself stuck, not knowing what comes next. I have to thank my sister and husband for nudging me along, now and again. It's difficult, but I mean to see it to the end. And then what? Who knows. Just as reading has always been, writing is an adventure all its own. 


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