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Issue 5 Contributors 

UKE BARTOLOMEO has been previously published in Word Riot, The Driftwood Review, Fiddleblack, Mount Hope, and Badlands. He is also a web editor and enjoys camping a ton. He resides in Philadelphia, PA. He can be found at or on IG/TW at @daysundertow // SEEING, PAGE 27

RIA BAUWENS is a trained photographer. She learned photography the old-school way: developing and printing in her own darkroom. Photography has taught her to look at everything in a different way, and made her do what she does now: trying to define what she believes in and looking at the world through art. // MINERAL MANKIND SERIES, PAGE 7, 30 & 38, FRONT AND BACK COVER

ANNIE BLAKE is an Australian writer, thinker and researcher. Her main interests include psychoanalysis, metaphysics and metacognition. She holds a Bachelor of Teaching, a Graduate Diploma in Education and is a member of the C G Jung Society of Melbourne and Existentialist Society in Melbourne. // SPARROWS TO CROWS, 8, TEASPOONS IN COFFEE CUPS, PAGE 9

RACHEL CARUSO-BRYANT is from Florida and is now an English language lecturer at a university in Saudi Arabia. She lives with her husband and cats and travels the world whenever she gets the chance. She enjoys writing about cultural identities and displacement, her experiences abroad, and what it means to be a woman of the world. She misses the smell and sound of rain storms terribly. Her poems have appeared in the Red Eft Review, The Stark Poetry Journal, Rat’s Ass Review, The Skinny Poetry Journal, A Lonely Riot, Gravel, Gambling the Aisle, and more. // CONVICTION, PAGE 21, DREAMS, PAGE 22, GRIMM REALITY, PAGE 23, MARRIAGE IS WORK, PAGE 24, THE HUSH, PAGE 25

MICHAEL CHOUINARD is British Columbia-based writer. He has worked in a music warehouse, driven a cab, canvassed for Greenpeace and pulled graveyard shifts at a 7-Eleven. Mostly, he’s been a newspaper reporter. His stories have been published in print and online. He is currently working on a novel. // X SPOTS THE MARK, PAGE 17

KATHERINE GAFFNEY is currently in the second year of her MFA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her work has previously appeared in Lullwater Review, Fairfield Review, and Love’s Chance magazine. She hails from Hollywood, Florida, but makes no plans to return and is instead in search of the next inspirational landscape. // WHERE THEY RIPEN, PAGE 33, MAMMALIAN, PAGE 34

PETER HOHEISEL has published poems in national publications such as The Nation, and many regional ones. A few of which are the Langdon Review, Grasslands Review, Nebo, and Iconoclast. As well as teaching Creative Writing, Literature and Composition, at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, Texas, he was also chair of the department of Religion and Philosophy at that institution. Before he moved to Texas, he was awarded numerous grants to teach poetry in many schools through the Michigan Council for the Arts and in Tyler, Texas, under a grant from the Texas Commission for the Arts. // GIVING UP THE OLD CAR TO THE JUNKYARD, PAGE 5, PRAYER FOR MY FRAZZLED LANDLADY, PAGE 6

KATIE LUO is a writing student at Johns Hopkins University. At any moment in time, she is most likely to be chasing after puppies or playing video games. Her favorite Lord of the Rings character is Elrond. Katie started out writing in second grade with her Pokémon fanfiction, and she hasn’t stopped since. // AT 5 A.M. THE CARS START STREAMING DOWN THE STREETS, PG. 26

TED MC CARTHY is a poet and translator living in Clones, Ireland. His work has appeared in magazines in Ireland, the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada and Australia. He has had two collections published, 'November Wedding', and 'Beverly Downs'. His work can be found on // COLD AND WET, PAGE 13, SOLOTHURN, PAGE 14, JIGSAW, PAGE 15, BOYS, PAGE 16

C.C. RUSSELL lives in Wyoming with his wife and daughter. His writing has recently appeared in such places as Tahoma Literary Review, Word Riot, Rattle, The Meadow, and The Colorado Review. His short fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Best Small Fictions, and Best of the Net. He has held jobs in a wide range of vocations – everything from graveyard shift convenience store clerk to retail management with stops along the way as dive bar dj and swimming pool maintenance. He has also lived in New York and Ohio. He can be found on Twitter @c_c_russell // THIS FALL, THIS FALLING, PAGE 11, (you and) A NIGHT WITH TWO SHADOWS, PAGE 12

DAN SKLAR teaches creative writing at Endicott College in Massachusetts. He rides a bicycle to work. // BLUE AND GOLD DINNER, PAGE 35

LUCY WINROW has had her work published in magazines including Ariadne's Thread, Orbis, Popshot, Dactyl, and Lunar, and in anthologies including Puppywolf's Best of Manchester Poets Vol.3 and Biot Books Vol.1. // FORMICATION, PAGE 31, MAGIC, PAGE 32

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